Started in 1996 and the first of its kind in Australia, the National Rose Trial Garden of Australia is a joint venture between the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, the Rose Introducers of Australia (RIAUS – a body made up of leading rose nurseries, most having overseas agencies), Australian Rose Breeders Association (ARBA) and the National Rose Society of Australia.

The trial garden itself is located within the International Rose Garden in the north east corner of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide.


The National Rose Trial Garden is managed by a 9-person Council. These positions are unpaid, and the council is made up of the following:

  • 2 members from the National Rose Society
  • 2 members from RIAUS
  • 2 members from the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide
  • 2 members from the Nursery and Garden Industry of SA
  • 1 member from ARBA
  • Secretary (no voting rights)

Mr. Tony Hanna, Secretary

Mr. Tony Hanna, Secretary